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What to See in Dubrovnik in One Day


Cruise Ship Excursions on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

Known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, Dubrovnik is now a popular stop on many Mediterranean cruises and is filled with fascinating sights and divine culinary treasures.

Although certainly worthy of a longer stay, many tourists only have one day to explore Dubrovnik since they are arriving on a cruise ship. With only a day to explore, there are some awe-inspiring sights and incredible food and wine that should not be missed.

Docking in Dubrovnik, cruise goers are instantly greeted with spectacular views of the Franjo Tudjman Bridge, one of Europe’s most amazing stay cable suspension bridges. Designed to withstand brutal winter storms, this bridge was built in 2002 and named after Croatia’s first President who was elected in 1990.

Visitors can travel (there is a a good travel guide) away from the bridge towards Dubrovnik’s thriving old town or cross the bridge and explore the beautiful countryside.